Trousers have two types of finishing: hems or cuffs. For most men, the hem is the go-to-choice and the most common type of finish you’ll find on trousers. The hem is where the fabric at the bottom of the leg folds up into the inside of the trouser. Nevertheless, the cuff has made a recent resurgence in fashion. Once created to combat the wet streets of Britain, cuffs are today noted as a mark of quality, sartorial excellence, and style.

Branded in Britain as turn-ups and America as cuffs, these are the folded edges on the bottom of a pair of trousers that have been turn-upwards to form the cuff. The weight of the cuffs aid in keeping your trousers straight, ironed, and stabilised throughout the day. An excellent option if you’re a gentleman wanting to shorten the look of a longer leg visually, they’re not known to have a solely formal or casual look, so they can be confidently added to any trouser. A general rule to stand by is the pairing of pleated trousers with cuffs and non-pleated trousers without cuffs in order to maintain balance.

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