Belt Loops VS Side Adjusters

A longstanding debate amongst tailors that continues today, which is the better choice: belt loops or side adjusters?

Belt Loops:

It’s often questioned that as bespoke trousers are made to your specific waist measurements, why would there be a need for a belt? Whilst true, belts are a popular option as they add an extra touch of colour, texture and personality to your suit. Lots of men prefer a belt to a plain waistband and it also adds that extra relief that your trousers aren’t going anywhere!

Although it works in the favour for taller men, it’s good to note that as a belt breaks up the body, it can make the wearer appear shorter.

Side Adjusters:

The more formal option, side adjusters, are the preferred option here at Harris & Howard Bespoke. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that belts just aren’t that comfortable! A long day at the office with constant squeezing at the midsection, unfortunately, isn’t the most pleasant.

Side adjusters are attachments on the side of your trousers that allow you to adjust the width of your waistband. These can be in the style of a button tab or fabric strap with small buckles in nickel or bronze, that allow you to cinch the waist approx. 1.5” each side. Traditionally they’re worn on formal trousers and are rarely found on casual.

For those who prefer to wear braces, we also offer the option to add braces buttons too.

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