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Seven-Fold Ties

We are one of the few tailors to continue the traditional seven-fold tie making process, utilising a single piece of silk, which is carefully folded seven times and hand-stitched for extra precision. The intense, laborious process of creating a seven-fold tie takes our skilled artisans three and a half hours to complete, using double the amount of silk of a regular tie and taking six times as long. With the tie being folded seven times, it creates structure and thickness that extinguishes the need for it to be lined - this results in a 100% silk tie that is soft, durable, and drapes beautifully upon the wearer.


The history of the pure silk seven-fold tie dates back to the 19th century, and its complex folding structure is thought to be the elite standard for a gentleman’s necktie. Billed as “The finest tie human hands can produce,” the seven-fold tie it is indeed the pinnacle of luxury menswear, providing a luxurious and longer-lasting accoutrement that is arguably the most exquisite traditional tie available.



Never did so little mean so much. This simple, slender piece of material can have a considerable impact on the overall appearance of an outfit. It can pull a look together or completely put it at odds. It can add an air of refinement or blow your social credibility. So, would you choose wide or skinny, take the minimalist approach, or invest in a bold statement piece? Whatever your decision, we have a fantastic array available in all manners of patterns, colour, and styles.


No matter how you knot them, there’s no better accessory that’ll best elevate your bespoke suit from smart and sophisticated into simply exquisite than with a Harris & Howard Bespoke tie. If you seldom wear a tie, then there’s no excuse but to wear the very best.

Knitted Ties

A contemporary take on the classic tie, the silk knitted tie is a firm favourite here at Harris & Howard Bespoke. Delicately knitted from pure silk yarn, the hand-crafted tie adds an essence more of personality to any bespoke suit. The slim blade gives the tie a modern touch, while the knitted weave gives it texture and depth that works for both formal and casual occasions.


Available in an assortment of colours, patterns, and styles, our knitted ties are hand-finished to perfection. Accompaniment your formal dinner suit with an elegant black knitted tie or, be bold, and amp up the fun with one of our brighter, vibrant knitted tie options.