The magic of bespoke garments lies in their construction. Natural fibres perform better, and using the best quality cloths and canvas improves not just the look of your chosen fabric but also the feel and durability. Better construction permits far more maintenance than you would normally get with mass-produced clothing that is available from even some of the most expensive high street names. Garments produced at speed in volume have a great reliance on fuse-able fabrics and manmade materials. What can look great in the store can look like a disaster after the first dry-clean and be more costly to repair or alter.

Bespoke tailoring is a centuries old tradition that is the art of creating custom clothing made from the finest cloth with expert attention to detail. In a time when mass production and off-the-peg clothing have become conventional in the world of fashion, bespoke tailoring is more essential than ever. We provide our customers with the option to choose from two levels of quality tailoring service—our exceptional White Label or our premium Black Label.


To see our latest 2017 Lookbook featuring detailed information about each of our products, please click here.


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The latest computer guided lasers cut out the pattern to the measurements and style specifications to provide the highest accuracy and the most consistency. Next, the tailor uses the best sewing machines to make the suit, and then presses the suit to ensure a desirable finish. We use layers of canvas between the cloth and the lining through the chest and lapel, which moulds to the body unlike the bonded construction found in readymade items.


Approximately 80 hours of workmanship go into every White Label suit we make. Every garment is checked and rechecked to reduce the need for more fittings than absolutely necessary.

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