Bespoke Shoes
At Harris & Howard Bespoke, we believe in delivering quality attire from head to toe. You might be wearing the finest, beautifully tailored suit, paired with the most intricate designer watch and driving the classiest, sophisticated automotive, but your ensemble will be inevitably cheapened if your shoes are worn and disheveled.
In 2018 we endeavoured to find the finest shoe artisans. We ventured out to Alicante, Spain, where we came in partnership with supremely skilled, time-served craftsmen, allowing us the distinctive opportunity to have your dream shoes crafted from scratch.
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From dress shoes to casual, sport, or specialty, using their high-tech 3D imagining software, we’re able to select from a wide array of shoe models to design your ideal shoe. After selecting your style, choose from a vast repository of exclusive leathers and luxury materials. In fact, there’s over 300 to choose from and craft your unique footwear from.  Suedes, sartorial fabrics, hand-garnished leathers, polished calf’s, your options are limitless.


Next, unleash your creativity by selecting the lining, soling mate-rial, elaborate paint style, and then accessorise your shoe with the more intricate details such as encrusted gemstones, buckles, tassels and straps. There’s even the option to  finish it off by embossing your initials, making it that little more personal to you. A popular option is to match the shoe to the suit by inlaying a section of the shoe in their chosen cloth material.


Each shoe goes through a rigorous process to ensure perfection. They’re entirely hand-made by a collaboration of artisans each hand-cutting, hand-stitching and hand-painting respectively to create the idealised look.


With our bespoke footwear, you’ll be sure to have a spring in your step, come rain or shine and be presented with a unique piece of sartorial excellence.

"Had a few things made by Carl and his team and the quality and customer service is exceptional. I came up with my own idea for my wedding suit and they created exactly what I wanted. Wouldn't go anywhere else."