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A staple in menswear since the 19th century, the overcoat is a practical and sophisticated garment that’ll complete your look and protect your beautifully tailored, bespoke suit from the elements. With hours of expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail poured into every piece, a tailored overcoat from Harris & Howard is a long-term investment you won’t regret.

Few garments are as versatile as the overcoat. Shielding your garments from the harsh British weather and keeping you warm during the colder months, the overcoat is practical, but also stylish and fashionable. Look polished and refined wearing it to the office or on a date night with a smart suit and tie or wear it over jeans and a jumper for more casual outings, such as to the pub or the big football game.

Single-Breasted or Double?

Classic overcoats can be either single or double-breasted and, unless it’s intentionally oversized, it should fit comfortably on top of your attire. Typically, the overcoat sits just below the knee, although for convenience, many styles today are made shorter. Covert coats are customarily a little shorter, and car coats generally come to just below the seat. The length of your coat is wholly down to personal preference, and we’ll be pleased to find the length that works for you. With any coat, you can add personal touches of character and individuality. Choose your all-important collar to keep your neck warm, add sophisticated touches such as velvet accents, functional cuffs or pocket flaps, and finish it off by adding a personal hallmark with the addition of embroidery. We often embroider your full name and phone number inside for a flash of individuality, or for pure convenience – just in case it mistakenly gets left on the train or in a restaurant!

Coating Cloth

As with all our garments, there are a plethora of cloths to select from. Acquired from only the finest mills, our overcoats can be made of wool, luxurious cashmere or tweed. Our array of patterns extend from herringbones to stripes, checks, and solids, all of which come in a range of light to heavy weighted cloths.


With natural stretch that helps them work over a suit jacket, both wool and tweed are luxurious, yet robust materials that make for perfect coat cloths. The fabrics are breathable, durable, keep you insulated, and there’s a variety of weights available.


Although not as durable as wool or tweed, you’ll feel comfort like no other in an overcoat made of cashmere. The ultimate upgrade to the heights of luxury, the deluxe cloth, is warm, smooth, and comfortable. A popular choice is to opt for a wool and cashmere mix. The durability of wool, mixed with the silky smoothness of cashmere makes for an overcoat that if cherished well, you’ll relish for years to come.

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In England, they say that Manchester is the city of rain. Based here, we know the importance of a quality raincoat that keeps you protected from the wet, unavoidable conditions that come with living in our beloved city. An alternative to the overcoat, our bespoke raincoats are made from a natural, lightweight, and breathable cotton textile known as Ventile. This material was first in-fact developed in Manchester during WW1 by scientists looking for a fabric to protect pilots landing at sea - the fabric is remarkably durable, waterproof, and weatherproof, and thus the perfect material for fashioning a raincoat.

Crafted to your measurements and cut in a way that it’ll fit elegantly over your bespoke suit - select from several style designs, colours, patterns, and features and make your raincoat exceptional to you. We ensure that when styled and paired with a beautiful lining, it will be your ultimate go-to for wet weather wear — finally, couple your raincoat with a Harris & Howard exclusive umbrella for the ultimate fashionable protection.